I’m Okay With The Witch Aesthetic

I'm okay with the "Witch Aesthetic"

Don’t you just love my witch aesthetic?

Yeah. The term "witch aesthetic" makes my eyes roll.

I’m sure as a witchy person yourself, you’ve noticed how popular the “witch aesthetic” has become on the internet.

As a witch who actually does spells and magick, it can be a little unsettling. Especially when most witches don’t conform to one fashion style or aesthetic themselves. I mean, even the practice of witchcraft itself is so diverse it doesn’t exactly represent one spirituality.

It gets extremely frustrating to read Vogue encouraging people to dress like a witch. Or when your coworker flaunts her new “tarot-inspired” jewelry and you ask her what card it represents and she says “What do you mean ‘card’?”

(But at the same time, witchy-flavored fashion isn’t really erasing the spirituality of a culture the way claiming Jennifer Lawrence is your spirit animal does. So us pale-faced witches are just getting a little taste of watered-down appropriation, imho.)

I’m not the only one who’s a bit peeved.

Some of my favorite people had a long conversation about it a week ago on the Twitter-machine. This was their point:

Where did the spirituality go?

Of course, not everyone who dresses in a dark or “witchy” look is claiming to be a witch when they aren’t. I would say that my fashion sense falls into the witch aesthetic, and I am a witch. Not to mention that in fashion terms, this whole style choice is derived from the goth style.

So let’s embrace it.

Wait, what?

Just hear me out. I’ve noticed that the people who are really into the witch aesthetic are more likely to support smaller brands. Amazing, mystical, and blossoming brands. Brands like Witch Baby Soap, Necromancy Cosmetica, Mysticum Luna, and Witch Way Magazine. AND these people are already predisposed to witchcraft symbolism, tools, and rituals. They’re almost there.

As a content creator who loves fashion AND the witchy-er side of life, I can find my niche here.

I think if we, established witches, use the trendy witch aesthetic to our advantage, we can teach people about the spirituality. Maybe, some day, witchcraft might not be so taboo.

A "city witch starter kit" which is just a photo of a large black floppy hat, round sunglasses, a Fleetwood Mac album, and turquoise jewelry.

I am a Modern Witch, Reclaiming My Title

I am a Modern Witch

I’m trying to be a true professional.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it before, but I’ve joined a site called Meetup. On this site, you can join a bunch of groups and clubs, and go to weekly meetings. People use it for networking, learning something new, or to just find others with similar interests. I figured that this kind of community involvement would help me find some like-minded people (bloggers) and grow my knowledge of relevant topics.

So naturally, I got business cards.

My business card

A Modern Witch & Artist.

I’ll be honest with you. It took so much courage to create that tagline for myself. If you aren’t aware, the term witch isn’t necessarily positive for muggles.

Even though most people know it’s not true, witch is still associated with Satan, evil, and sacrifices. I mean, look at the recent movie The VVitch. Although it is a period piece, the marketing was associated with The Satanic Revival to try and really up the scare-factor. Even though I liked this marketing tactic because I think it truly scared a lot of people, I think it reinforced the stereotype that witches are these evil women who are kidnapping and killing babies.

And yeah we use flying ointment but c’mon.

And so, with all the different negative interpretations of witch flying around in my head (on a broom, nonetheless), I still wrote it down as my title on my business card. Because it’s a part of my profession as a blogger. Because it’s a part of who I am.

Because I’m reclaiming it.

In the 90’s, Wiccans and witches would try and use the term white witch to convince their Christian/mainstream religious friends that they, in fact, were not baby-killing, broom-flying, demonic women. It was a way for witches to be able to practice their craft without their reputations or relationships being burned at the stake.

In my humble opinion, it shouldn’t have to be this way.

And luckily, after countless movies and TV shows about modern witchcraft arose (like The Craft), the idea of witchcraft is no longer as controversial. In fact, it’s gotten trendy.

P.S. I had a hard time finding research on whether this was the case, culturally. Let me know down below if I’m wrong in this aspect.

I’m a Modern Witch, and I’m proud.

I’m not going to try and sugarcoat it by saying I’m some kind of “white witch” or “good witch” or whatever. I’m a witch. That’s it.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch gif

Are you reclaiming the word Witch?

If you’re not using the word witch to define yourself even if you practice witchcraft, what words do you use? I am incredibly interested in hearing the labels you place upon yourself to define your spirituality. Do you use a label at all?

If you’re still interested in learning about what it means to reclaim the word witch, I suggest reading this awesome essay from 1998.

x0- Vella

Welcome Back to a New Moon

Welcome Back to a New Moon!

Well look who’s back…

Yep. Me. Little ol’ Vella, back here posting on her blog. As you can see, I officially made a permanent change to the blog – I renamed it.

I also re-branded everything. Next I’ll add a shop and hope to really take this on as a business pursuit. And with Mars back in Scorpio, I’m really feeling myself.

But what is the change?

Essentially what I’m doing is starting a shop. I plan on selling my artwork, some crystal jewelry, and tarot readings! I am super excited, and you can see sneak-peaks of products/art on my Instagram!

So I say “Welcome” to the New Moon.

I’m going to begin this moon cycle and business venture by setting my intentions. Below I included a quick tarot reading to see what the universe has to say to all of us this moon phase.

My intention for this moon cycle is to dedicate at least one complete hour every single day to work towards my blog and business.

What’s your intention this New Moon?

Here are what the cards say.

We pulled the Four of Cups, The Star, and The Hierophant for this new moon’s reading. Let’s jump right in.

The Four of Cups -- New Moon Reading Sept. 2016

The Four of Cups often represents a boredom, dissatisfaction, or staleness of life. You may be too comfortable, or the success you have achieved might not be aligned with your wider spiritual or life goals. You are unsatisfied. Period. But this New Moon is a great time to be unsatisfied. You can begin manifesting something new.

And if you truly sit down and focus, you will manifest something. When you take the time to bring about change, the universe will provide it.

However, also know whether it is the right choice for you to take the cup, so to speak. You may have manifested something in your life that you initially thought you wanted, but then it turned out that you didn’t want it afterall. Don’t worry, the universe has plans for that manifestation. It is still your decision to take it or not.

The Star -- New Moon Tarot Reading Sept. 2016

And no matter what, it will be alright! The Star is a wonderful card. It symbolizes the universe giving you everything you need in life. You can flourish.

I sense that around the Full Moon, you will truly be connected with this card, feeling all aspects of The Star’s abundance and generosity within you.

No matter if you choose to take the cup or not, that choice was destined to succeed. The goals you intend to manifest will truly become reality. And you will live in harmony with all things around you. In fact, take this time to be truly grateful for all that you have and give back to the world and the universe.

The Hierophant -- New Moon Tarot Reading Sept. 2016

And finally, work smart. While this moon cycle goes on, you will find that you may need to conform to some rules or institutions to truly make your goals a reality.

You don’t have to “play it safe” or stick with the status quo, but you should play the room. Use your knowledge of how things work either in your family, culture, community, or work place, and use that knowledge to your advantage.

And if you aren’t sure what the rules are – learn them. There might even be someone close by who wants to guide you through the rules or institution. Take their hand, as they will bring you closer to your goal.

Work Smart This Month

All in all, this moon cycle is about focus and determination. Use Virgo‘s organized, analytical, and creative energy this season to truly bring about what you want. I found that by creating a bullet journal and focusing on writing my goals down, I’m able to capitalize on this month’s zodiac energy.

Look out for more tarot readings.

I plan on doing many more posted readings like this for moon phases, sabbats, changing seasons, and other big holidays. As well, I am hoping to offer readings to individuals from my shop. I’m still getting the logistics of all that worked out, so stay tuned.

To be updated on the blog in the future, join The Coven. It’s a newsletter that will be sent periodically with deals and product insights for the shop as well as when I create new content.

Thanks for sticking by these changes with me! Don’t forget to follow me on social media to get the most out of this change! New Moon Blessings!

x0 Vella

But For Real This Time…

I'm starting a business

I’m taking a break.

Yes, I know. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “But Vella, didn’t you just take an unannounced hiatus a month ago?” And yes, I did.

But this time it’s different.

First of all, this post is completely un-edited and raw. I’m writing this really late at night because I need to get it off my chest, but I’ve spent the majority of the evening planning. So I thought I would tell you exactly what it is that I am planning.

I want to own my own business.

This is a huge step for me, coming out and saying it, sort of, typing it, I guess? Whatever. It’s huge because my dream to own my own business is still very much a fetus… Okay, I tried to make a pregnancy analogy, and it just ended up wrong.

This idea is so new, fresh, and young. Mercury’s retrograde has definitely been affecting me by halting all current projects I’m working on (why do you think it took me 3 days to publish something here), and bring to light ideas that are seeded deeper within my imagination and soul.

I want to own my own business.

And that business is going to be multi-faceted and complicated, but it is going to be mine. I would love to work full-time writing for this blog, creating YouTube videos, and also owning my own shop. I’ve been creating jewelry for a while, as well as other things like ouija boards and tarot bags, so my shop would be a New-Age, Occult-Magick shop of some sorts. And I want to begin reading tarot for people.

I want to own my own business.

I feel this with every fiber of my being, and this passion has been developing–growing inch by inch–since January. I know this path is where I need to be. Working from home, developing my own spirituality, and helping others develop theirs is all I can see myself doing in the future. In the near future.

There are so many ideas bubbling in my head every day, but with the current state of things in my life, I cannot find the time or energy to even start. I’m surprised I am even up writing this right now.

And that’s why I need a break.

As you know, I have really been struggling with burn-out and just feeling lousy for a while now. To be completely honest with you, I have lost a lot of control of everyday things in my life like getting to work on time, doing laundry, and just having enough energy to hang out and watch TV. And to be even more honest with you all, it stems from some mental illness that I have been battling, and it has taken a turn for the worse.

No. I am not trying to pull for attention. One: I don’t know why that is the first reaction for mental illness in people my age–that they must be faking it for “attention” and Two: IT’S NOT EVEN THE POINT.

Anyway, maybe one day I’ll get into the nitty-gritty and let you guys into that part of my world. For now, all you need to know it that it’s been hard.

I just need time to think.

I honestly don’t know how much time. I want to do things like write a bunch of blogs posts or film & edit a bunch of videos in advance to schedule out over a few weeks. I also want to create my first launch of inventory for my blog. I need to make a business plan, terms, contracts, and media kits as well.

I’ve tried to do all these things in the past either on a hiatus or whilst writing for the blog, and between school, work, internships, and a social life, it was pretty hard. But because I am (basically) done with university, I feel like I have more time to commit to solidifying my ideas.

And I also need time to just whip my regular, ol’ life back into shape, so I can come back to blogging strong, secure, and full of energy. (and organization.)

I’ve never done a post like this before.

And it’s weird. And I truly hate it.

I really want to be back into writing and filming next week, but who knows. (Okay, it’s not that ominous.)

Because I feel like a huge jerk for pulling this (again), I thought I would let you guys in on the specifics of what is to come. I plan on using my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep you guys updated every step of the way. I would follow my Instagram or Twitter for the most frequent activity, and Facebook for the big stuff.

What’s to come:

  • A Witchcraft 101 YouTube series: Expect a video a week that is a short, but interesting and different approach for learning witchcraft from scratch
  • A boatload of usable spells for everyday: This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve done it once on here. But I’d like a majority of my posts to be easy (and printable) spells for everyday use.
  • An Etsy Occult shop: I am probably going to sell talismans, power bracelets, tarot storage bags, and ouija boards, all hand made by me. It will be your basic occult shop.
  • Affordable Tarot Readings: I will admit it, I am a newbie when it comes to reading tarot, but I have a lot of intuition for a beginner. I will probably start on Fiverr, and then work my way to my shop in the future.
  • A Podcast: About what? I am not sure yet. I’ve wanted to have a podcast forever (I did major in Audio Production, after all), but this is definitely going to be far off in the future.

Are there any ideas you’d like to see? Anything new and exciting that you’d like for me to write about? I’d love to get some feedback!

x0x– Vella Mour